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Exchange visits


Our first French Visitors from Clohar-Fouesnant visited Oranmore on St. Patrick’s week.2011 They had a wonderful time here. They were hosted by various families in the village and experienced our Irish hospitality.


The Second group of French Visitors came to Celeberate the Irish Charter Cermony that was held in the Oranmore Lodge Hotel, Oranmore on Wednesday the 11th of April 2012.


The Charter Proclaimed the twinning of the towns of

CLOHARS-FOUESNANT and ORANMORE and made a Solemn Oath To maintain permanent ties between both communities to bring about dialogue, Cultural exchanges, To put in place all joint activities, To help mutually enrich both communities in all possible spheres,To support these exchanges between our fellow citizens, To guarantee to every person the possibility of participating in these exchanges without any discrimination whatsoever,To work together to bring about the success of this undertaking for peace, progress and prosperity and European Unity

The hosts of Oranmore were then invited to Clohars Fouesnant in September 2012. They thoroughly enjoyed learning about french customs  and participated in many cultural activities.


Our last visit to France was on May 15th to May 20th 2013 . A Group of 30 locals from Oranmore travelled out to Clohar Fouesnant and celeberated the French charter cermony on the 17th May 2013. The trip was just wonderful and the French hospitality was just fantastic. All accommodation, food, travel within France was taken care of by the French Twinning Committee.


We hope that this relationship will continue to grow and that a bond of friendship will be made between our two communities. Bridges will be built between all sections of both communities including Schools, Sport’s Clubs and businesses. Such a development should help both communities to learn and grow.



If you wish to become involved please forward your details including phone number, address and email to oranmoretwinning@gmail.com